I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Denver.

My research is concerned mostly with quasigroups, loops, latin squares, quandles and nonassociative algebra. My wider interests include combinatorics, algebra, computational algebra, computational geometry, algebraic knot theory and automated deduction.

Fall 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 Office Hours
CMK 304
Algebra Seminar
12 Ciphers and Codes
CMK 301
Ciphers and Codes
CMK 301
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2 Intro Abstract Algebra
CMK 101
Intro Abstract Algebra
CMK 101
4 Office Hours

Petr Vojtechovsky

Petr, Petr Vojtechovsky, Petr Vojtechovsky homepage, nonassociative mathematics, quasigroups and loops, Moufang loops, University of Denver. 4 Group Theory
BAUD 103Group Theory
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