Classes- Winter 2012 : COMP 3705 Software Testing

Classes- Fall 2012 :

COMP 4704: Quantitative Software Engineering

W, 5:00-7:50 pm

Course Description:

The students will be taught the spectrum of experimental strategies to assess and understand software processes and software artifacts. This includes experiments, case studies, field observations, surveys, and empiricism in a software engineering context. This is a lecture course.

Objective of the course:

The students will be able to use experimental and empirical methods to assess software artifacts. They will also be able to evaluate software processes based on measurement data. This includes operational knowledge of planning, execution, analysis and interpretation of such studies.


COMP 3381, COMP3705 or consent of instructor. Students are expected to know the basics of software engineering as taught in an undergraduate course using a text such as Pressman, Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach, or Somerville, Software Engineering .




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