hailin wu lawn

10/25/2003 University of Denver

hailin wu church

In front of the Chapel at the University of Denver

hailin wu hiking

on a hiking trip

hailin wu zhu rongji

With Prime Mister Zhu Rongji, 1999.

hailin wu bill owens

With Colorado Governor Bill Ovens.

hailin wu cad

My college buddies, 1996.

hailin wu trenton

With Trenton, PhD in Psychology.

hailin wu embassy

Leadership recognition certificate.

hailin wu sigmaxi

Sigma Xi Full member.

hailin wu pikes peak

10/1/2003 Pikes Peak. One of the highest mountains in Colorado and US.

hailin wu bierstadt

Attempting another high mountain in Colorado on a rainy day.