Multi Dimensional Data Sets

One this page you will find some "real world" multi dimensional data sets. For right now there are two Tiger data sets, extracted from the US Bureau of Census TIGER database by some unknown person (if you know the person please send me email so I can reference appropriately), and a few CFD data sets. This work was partially supported by NSF grant number 9610270.

Only the small data sets are given in ascii format, the rest in binary. Included is a simple (and not very elegant) c program to convert from the binary format to an ascii format. There is just enough documentation at the top to show how to use it. Here it is: ( b2a.c )

CFD Data Sets

If you use any of these CFD data sets, please reference this web page and the creator of the data:

D.J. Mavriplis, "An Advancing Front Delaunay Triangulation Algorithm Designed for Robustness," Journal of Computational Physics, vol.\ 117, p.\ 90-101, 1995.

2D Tiger Data Sets

These are line segment data contains the road maps of LongBeach and Montgomery Counties. If you use these, please reference as: "Extracted from the US Bureau of Census TIGER database".

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