Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Denver

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  Quasigroups and Related Systems (managing editor)
  Journal of Computational Algebra (editor)
  Mile High Conferences on Nonassociative Mathematics (main organizer)

Research interests
Nonassociative algebraic structures, particularly quasigroups, loops, latin squares, quandles and set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation.

Wider research interests
Algebra, combinatorics, computational algebra, computational geometry, algebraic knot theory and automated deduction.

  • Jul 22: my term as department chair is done - Alvaro Arias is the new chair
  • Jun 22: looking forward to working with Sujoy Mukherjee, an incoming postdoctoral scholar
  • Apr 22: joined editorial board of Journal of Computational Algebra
  • Apr 22: manuscript "Okubo quasigroups" coauthored with Jonathan Smith accepted to Documenta Mathematica
  • Jan 22: elected secretary of the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium
  • Dec 21: paper "A sufficient condition for a quandle to be latin" coauthored with Antonio Lages and Pedro Lopes accepted to Journal of Combinatorial Designs
  • Sep 21: awarded Lockheed Martin Space grant "Time-series analysis" (co-PI)
  • Aug 21: elected chair of the Scientific Committee of the Loops '23 conference (Bedlewo, Poland)
  • Jul 21: awarded Simons Foundation Collaboration grant "Self-distributive and non-associative algebras" (PI)

Petr Vojtechovsky

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