Denver, Colorado, January 2020
Joint Mathematics Meeting

Special Session on
Self-Distributive Structures, Knot Theory,
and the Yang-Baxter Equation

The program is split into two sessions. The first session will take place on January 18, 2020 at the the venue of the Joint Mathematics Meeting (Denver Convention Center). The second session will take place on January 19, 2020 at the University of Denver in the form of a satellite event of the JMM.

See below for directions from downtown Denver to the University of Denver lecture room.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Room 404, Meeting Room Level, Colorado Convention Center

1:00-1:20pm The Structure of Hom Quandles
Alissa S Crans*, Marco Bonatto and Glen Whitney
1:30-1:50pm Quandles and Biquandles in Virtual Knot Theory
Louis H Kauffman
2:00-2:20pm Constructing almost classical virtual links from virtual links
Naoko Kamada
2:30-2:50pm A geometric field theory for three-manifolds
Charles Frohman* and Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska
3:00-3:20pm Motions and their actions on the fundamental groups and quandles of H-trivial links
Seiichi Kamada
3:30-3:50pm Diagrammatic categorification of the polynomial ring $\mathbb{Z}[x]$
Radmila Sazdanovic* and Mikhail Khovanov
4:10-4:30pm Arbitrarily large torsion in Khovanov homology
Sujoy Mukherjee* and Dirk Schuetz
4:40-5:00pm Two-(co)cycle invariants of links from column unital Yang-Baxter operators
Jozef H. Przytycki
5:10-5:30pm Skein for Yang-Baxter homology
Mohamed Elhamdadi, Masahico Saito* and Emanuele Zappala
5:40-6:00pm The classification of connected quandles of size p^3
Marco Bonatto

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Knudson Hall 309, University of Denver

8:00-8:20am An introduction to the normalized set-theoretic Yang-Baxter homology theory
Seung Yeop Yang
8:30-8:50am Normalized Yang-Baxter homology and biquandle homotopy invariants of links
Xiao Wang* and Seung Yeop Yang
9:00-9:20am Heap cohomology and ternary self-distributive cohomology
M. Elhamdadi, M. Saito and Emanuele Zappala*
9:30-9:50am Solvable and nilpotent quandles
Marco Bonatto and David Stanovsky*
10:00-10:30am Coffee break in Knudson 200
10:30-10:50am 2-Cocycle Invariant and Oriented Singular Knots
Indu Rasika Churchill
11:00-11:20am Classifying Stratified Spaces: 2-Foams and 2-Stratifolds
John H Bergschneider
11:30-11:50am Yang-Baxter quasigroups
Michael Kinyon
12:00-12:20pm Idempotent latin solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation and twisted Ward quasigroups
David Stanovsky and Petr Vojtechovsky*
12:30-12:50pm TBD


Mohamed Elhamdadi, David Stanovsky and Petr Vojtechovsky

Directions from downtown Denver to the University of Denver lecture room

Address: Knudson Hall 309, 2390 S York St, Denver, Colorado, 80208

Getting there by public transportation from downtown Denver:

  1. Take train E or H from downtown Denver to University of Denver station (16 minutes).
  2. Either walk through campus for 20 minutes to Knudson Hall or take the 7:40am bus #24 from University of Denver Station Gate D to S University Blvd and E Wesley Ave stop (arrive 7:44am) and then walk west on E Wesley Ave for 1 minute.

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