6th Pingree Park Dynamics Workshop
Foundations and Frontiers in Symbolic Dynamics
Pingree Park, Colorado, USA, July 17-20, 2017

The 2017 Pingree Park Dynamical Systems Workshop will be held at the Pingree Park Campus of Colorado State University on the dates July 17-20, 2017. (Pingree Park Campus Info)
The workshop will be on topological dynamics and ergodic theory in general, but with an emphasis on symbolic dynamical systems. There will be three mini-courses given by:
  1. Emmanuel Jeandel, Université de Lorraine: "Reducibility Relations with applications in multidimensional symbolic dynamics" (Course outline and slides: 1, 2, 3)
  2. Anthony Quas, University of Victoria: "Coupling and Splicing" (Course notes)
  3. Ayse Sahin, Wright State University: "Extending basic objects beyond Zd: towers, odometer actions, and SFTs"
Here is a Schedule for the conference.

For those who'd like to stay the evening of July 15th in Denver, we've reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Cherry Creek hotel at a rate of $119/night. If you'd like to reserve a room, just click HERE.

Funding and Costs
Funding has been made available for the meeting by NSF grant DMS-1700430 and by the University of Denver. Local costs for participants will be covered - transportation from the University of Denver to Pingree Park as well as room and board at Pingree Park. Some limited amount of funding is available to support travel; junior researchers will receive top priority for funding.

We will organize transportation from Denver to the facility in the early afternoon on Sunday, July 16, including picking up any participants who stayed overnight on July 15 (more details to follow). Talks will formally begin on Monday, July 17 and run through Thursday, July 20. On the morning of Friday, July 21, we will depart the facility. Departure times will depend on outgoing flight times for participants.


  1. Nic Ormes (organizer), University of Denver
  2. Ronnie Pavlov (organizer), University of Denver

Confirmed Participants

  1. Lori Alvin, Bradley University
  2. John Antonioli, University of Denver
  3. Drew Ash, Albion College
  4. Sebastián Barbieri, University of British Columbia
  5. Mike Boyle, University of Maryland
  6. Raimundo Briceño, University of Tel Aviv
  7. Dina Buric, University of Victoria
  8. Jon Chaika, University of Utah
  9. David Cosper, IUPUI
  10. Andrew Dykstra, Hamilton College
  11. Sarah Bailey Frick, Furman University
  12. Ricardo Gomez, UNAM
  13. John Griesmer, Colorado School of Mines
  14. Emmanuel Jeandel, Université de Lorraine
  15. Aimee Johnson, Swarthmore College
  16. Olena Karpel, ILTPE NAS Ukraine, IM PAN Poland
  17. Steve Kass, Drew University
  18. Dominik Kwietniak, Jagiellonian University
  19. Martha Lacka, Jagiellonian University
  20. Michelle Lemasurier, Hamilton College
  21. Alejandro Maass, Universidad de Chile (CMM)
  22. Kathleen Madden, California State University, Bakersfield
  23. David McClendon, Ferris State University
  24. Kevin McGoff, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  25. Kostya Medynets, United States Naval Academy
  26. Dennis Pace, University of Denver
  27. Karl Petersen, University of North Carolina
  28. Anthony Quas, University of Victoria
  29. David Ralston, SUNY Old Westbury
  30. Ayse Sahin, Wright State University
  31. Scott Schmieding, Northwestern University
  32. Jason Siefken, Northwestern University
  33. Amanda Wilkens, University of Kansas
  34. Ren Yi, Brown University