Research Lab
Spring 2014
Intro To AI

Winter 2014
Systems Programming

Fall 2013
Game Capstone

GIGA 2011
SoCS 2010
SARA 2009

General course information:

Course Schedule, Readings, and Lecture Notes

(Complete before class)
1March 24IntroductionCh 1-2Ch 1: 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
2March 26SearchCh 3Ch 3: 3.14
3March 31Local SearchCh 44.3 (describe approach; do not implement) (optional)
4April 2Game Playing / Adversarial SearchCh 55.18 (due before class)
5April 7Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsCh 66.9 (due before class)
6April 9Propositional LogicCh 77.2 (due before class)
7April 14Inference Algorihms, First Order LogicCh 7, 87.14(a) (due before class)
8April 16First Order LogicCh 88.10 (due before class)
9April 21Inference in First Order Logic + MT ReviewCh 99.10 (due before class)
10April 23Midterm-
11April 28Classical PlanningCh 1010.2 (due before class)
12April 30UncertaintyCh 1313.8 (due before class)
13May 5Bayesian NetworksCh 1414.4 (due before class)
14May 7Learning: Decision TreesCh 18.1-18.318.1
15May 12Learning: Regression & Neural NetworksCh 18.6, 18.718.22a, b
16May 14Reinforcement LearningCh 17.1-3, 2117.1 (first part)
17May 19RoboticsCh 2525.3
18May 21Natural Language Processing2222.5
-May 26(Holiday)
19May 28Wrap-Up

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