Math 362, Probability and Statistics II

Dr. Paul Horn
Email: phorn (at) mathcs dot emory dot edu
Office: MSC W434
Office Hours: M11-1, Tu 10-12, F 11-1, or by appointment.
General Information:
Classes: MWF, 9:35-10:25 AM in MSC: W303
Textbook: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, Hogg, McKean and Craig, 6th edition.
5/2: Exam solutions . Remember that the exam is on Wednesday 5/4, 8:30 AM and you are allowed *TWO* sheets of notes.
5/1: Solutions to other questions are up. These questions aren't as good a guide as the ones in the full-fledged practice I put up.
5/1: Practice final solutions
4/28: Here is a full-fledged practice final. I will leave the other questions (which are different!) up.
4/27: I wrote a partial practice final here . I will problably rewrite tmorrow when I get back from Cambridge.
4/1: Review session tomorrow (4/2) in MSC W303, 2-4. Here are solutions to the practice midterm, and a few extra problems, on the level of test questions, focussing on 6.3
3/28: Reminder: the second exam is moved until April 6.
3/28: Practice exam
2/23: Solutions to the practice exams. Note both exam solutions are in one file. (updated)
2/21: Hopefully writing this from campus, it will actually post: Practice exam 1 and Practice exam 2
2/14: Assignment 4 is posted. Note that it is due Wed 2/23, but if you turn it in on Monday 2/21, I will will return it to you on Wednesday so you have it to study for the test. I will also make sure to post solutions to it right after it is turned in on Wed 2/23, if you prefer.
2/4: Note: Thursday 10-12 OH are now moved to Tuesday 10-12.
1/31: Homeworks are now due on Wednesdays, so I added office hours on Mondays. Those of you not in my 361 class (and even those of you who were) may want a link to last semesters website , which has problems I gave out last semester + full solutions.
Important Links:
Assignment 1 - Due 2/2 (solutions)
Assignment 2 - Due 2/9 (solutions) (updated 2/16)
Assignment 3 - Due 2/16 (solutions)
Assignment 4 - Due 2/23 (solutions)
Assignment 5 - Due 3/16 (solutions)
Assignment 6 - Due 3/23 (solutions)
Assignment 7 - Due 3/30 (solutions) (updated: I forgot to answer (c) of 3.)
Assignment 8 - Due 4/13 (but if you need until 4/15 it's okay) (solutions)
Assignment 9 - Due 4/20 (solutions)
Assignment 10 - Due 4/25 (but okay if you turn in 4/27, reading day) (solutions)